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Welcome to Superior Concierge Services

We are a Red Carpet Transportation & Limousine service that is second to none. Our company was birthed right here in Hampton Roads and we pride ourselves in southern hospitality. We are vastly educated and knowledgeable of the area, so please be at ease with our professionalism and confident in our ability to transport you with (SCS) - Superior Concierge Service.

We service the entire 7 cities and surrounding areas. We provide Red Carpet Services to Ring Dances, Proms, Corporate Events, Trainings, Weddings, Engagement Parties, Birthday Parties, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Norfolk Airport Shuttles, Holiday Lights & more.

You name it & (SCS) will "Get You There".

Upgrading the Way You Move.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee timely service with a smile or 25% off total purchase.
Book with us, here’s what’s offered with all your Transportation needs

Service Guarantee

Early Arrivals

Top Rated Drivers

Red Carpet (Based on weather)

Celebration Packages include soft drinks, ice, champagne glasses, cocktail cups or glasses, napkins, and dinner mints.

The health and safety of (SCS) Limousine’s passengers, employees and corporate partners are our highest priority. Detailers are using industrial-grade cleaner and following established protocols to make sure every surface is properly disinfected. Face coverings required when closer than 6 feet from drivers More detailed information from the CDC can be found here:

Additional Information:

We require our Chauffeurs to have a great DMV report and a drug screening. Our fleet of vehicles are professionally maintained by licensed dealers. We clean and disinfect after every service ride. Pre and post trip inspections are performed for safety and damage control.

We strive to arrive 15 minutes before time. We fill our stations with ice, water and soft drinks of your choice. Dinner mints adorn the stations as well for your pleasure. Perfective strides for a perfect experience. (SCS) Requires our chauffeurs to possess what we call our 8 core values

With confidence, our chauffeurs can ease our client’s tension and control the run. As the old saying goes, “never let them see you sweat.”
Service is important, but control is essential. Maintaining control of the vehicle with respect to all surroundings inside and out is imperative to the strength of our chauffeurs.
Our chauffeurs will arrive early, be knowledgeable, look professional, and provide exceptional service on every run no matter the circumstance.
Our chauffeurs behave honorably, even when no one is watching.
Our chauffeurs are understanding and committed to fairness. Their ethical behavior, integrity, and general goodwill toward clients are priority. This is an affirmation disciplined enough to have perspective, maintain poise and do what is best for our clients.
Our chauffeurs have a strong desire to win. Their enthusiasm to make your dreams come true drives their service.
Our chauffeurs work together for a common purpose and that is our clients. They perform their jobs in excellence to secure happy returning clients.
Every client is different but will still get that same level of RESPECT. Our chauffeurs will follow policy with a creativity and persistence to boot.